ArticPure Ice Machine

Enhance Job Site Comfort with DeepWell's ArticPure® Ice Machine

DeepWell's ArticPure Ice Machine is a mobile ice trailer designed for versatility and convenience. This unit has the capacity to produce either 300 or 900 pounds of ice daily, ensuring a reliable supply to meet diverse site requirements. Explore the features that make ArticPure the ideal choice for your ice needs:

Mobile Ice Solution:

A versatile ice trailer for on-the-go operations.

Heavy Duty Ice Output

Choose from 300 or 900 pounds, catering to varying site demands.

Power and Water Requirements:

A power source (at least 50 amps) and water source must be available which can be provided if needed.

On-the-Go Ice Production:

The mobile nature of the ice machine ensures ice production wherever it is needed on the job site.



DeepWell Ice Machine
DeepWell Ice Machine

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