Filtration Systems

Reliable Solutions for Clean Water & Efficient Waste Management

DeepWell's Filtration Systems are engineered to ensure the purity and reliability of your water and waste management needs. Our comprehensive lineup includes the HydroPure Filtration System, Water Tank, Sewer Tank, and Sewer Holding Frac Tank, providing versatile solutions for various applications.

A dual-function sewage filtration system in a single container, streamlining operations, reducing mobilization efforts, and providing versatile treated water for rig use or disposal.

Water Tanks:
DeepWell's Water Tanks are designed for secure water storage, offering a dependable supply for your projects, whether in remote locations or challenging environments.

Sewer Tanks:
Manage wastewater effectively with our durable Sewer Tanks, designed to handle the disposal of waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Sewer Holding Frac Tanks:
Our Sewer Holding Frac Tanks provide a temporary storage solution for large volumes of wastewater, offering flexibility and efficiency in waste management processes.

DeepWell HydroPure® Filtration System

HydroPure Filtration System:

  • State-of-the-art reverse osmosis sewer filtration technology.
  • HydroPure is divided into two sections: one side dedicated to wastewater (black and gray) treatment, while the other focuses on efficient well water reuse.

Efficiency in Mobility:

  • The singular building design streamlines the process, minimizing mobilization and demobilization time, along with the required manpower

Advanced Wastewater Treatment:

  • Utilizes a combination of micro-organisms, air, retention time, and disinfectants.

Versatile Treated Water:

  • The treated water exits the container, offering flexibility for rig use or responsible disposal according to customer preferences.

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